Behind the Camera

I first began shooting at the young age of 17 years old when all I had was a digital camera and teenage angst. At the time I made a go at being a sports photographer and failed miserably. It wasn’t until the summer after I graduated high school that I got my first full time job and saved up money to buy my first “real” camera; a Canon 60D. That was the summer I began to fall in love with landscape photography where I would embark on adventures to local hotspots for nature and camping such as McCall and Stanley. Over the past year I have started to develop an almost obsessive love for fashion and fashion photography. I currently balance my day job with personal creative work, organizing publication photo shoots, and an apprenticeship under Amilie Turner with Dommino INC Photography.

For me, art isn’t about creating something that you can sell to someone; its about discovering more about yourself as an artist. The reason why I take photos is because I love fashion and I love to experiment with lighting in both controlled and uncontrolled shooting environments to create bold and eye catching images.

Current & Previous Clients

The Balcony Club

Sean Will (Mad Decent)

Queen Sessi

Ophidia Studio

OutBoise Magazine

STRY Clothing

QIdaho Magazine

CBS News

Amsterdam Lounge

Boise Pridefest

Dr Luke Mayes Chiropractic

Latrice Royale INC

Kennedy Davenport

Neon Hitch

Big Dipper

Angell’s Bar & Grill Renato

David Hernandez

Keyway Designs